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Back in 1996, Boyd and Doyle was just a dream. Founder, Ken Chester, had an idea for a product to use in antique bottles. He thought other old bottle collectors would like idea as well. The first Bottle Wick was an old porcelain apple peeler handle found among some relics. Adapting it with a fiberglass wick, then adding liquid paraffin to an old bottle, the apple peeler handle now wick holder fit perfectly into one of the antique bottles Ken lit the wick and an idea became a reality. Friends and family members thought using it in wine bottles would reach a larger market, he agreed. After extensive research, all the parts were designed and manufacturers were found, so The Bottle Wick could be made in quantity. An artist was hired to design the packaging and help with the text, but the company needed a name. Ken wanted name to have meaning and since he loved history, he thought why not my two grandmother’s maiden names? Mary Doyle, his mother’s mother and Ivy Boyd, his dad’s mother, so came the company name Boyd and Doyle. The first Bottle Wicks were shipped in early 1997. During August of 1997, Ken first met Heidi Smith, an artist and illustrator  from New York State, on a hiking trip near his home in Hancock, NH. Some time in February of 1998, she contacted Ken about buying some of the Bottle Wicks he was making for a project she was working on involving painted wine bottles. Ken thought that was an interesting idea and wanted a photograph of the finished product. She agreed, the two kept in touch and over time a relationship developed. That September the two married in the Adirondack Mountains. Later that fall, White Gate Glass was formed as well as Hancock Iron Works. Heidi used her natural talent as an artist and her commercial art background to develop products and sales materials. Heidi had worked in the advertising business for many years, but loved also crafting products for her own amusement. The wholesale business gave her the opportunity to design and sell her product ideas to shops all across the country. Although the company has grown with time, the focus has always been to make quality products that stand the test of time; all the while using local labor to help with production.